BP HR Rewards

Creating a BP benefits and rewards portfolio to help employees understand the full extent of their benefits throughout their time at BP


BP was having difficulty demonstrating to their employees what their full benefits package entailed, especially new joiners who are given a multitude of logins, handbooks and other training during their first few weeks. Our task was to bring the full benefits and rewards packaged offered into once succinct area within the BP site and improve the overall employee experience. 


- Workshop Facilitation 

- UX Design (Mobile first)

- Prototyping


2 months

The challenge

To be able to understand BP's complex ecosystem of rewards that were available to employees in the time that we had, whilst synthesising research conducted by the internal BP team when talking to employees about their current thoughts on the rewards an benefits offering.

- New employees do not understand the current value of their benefits package due to complex equity

  options that are given to each employee with little explanation

- To combine base pay, bonuses, allowances and equity into one model that clearly represented a sense of

  full value to the employee

- To show the progression and opportunity available within BP to increase overall retention of employees 


Today employees current onboarding consisted of two full days of talks and sessions with their management team to introduce the full BP policies and ways of working. The benefits package currently is described in a handout which takes the user to multiple areas of the BP HR site.


Our new solution seamless onboarding flow covers each pillar of the benefits package at a summary level and allows the user to go straight to their benefits home screen. This will reduce queries to the HR and management team for new employees. 


Giving users one clear visual proportional representation of their portfolio, over the four main areas, this home area can be scrolled to show each pillar explained in more detail after completing onboarding.


The user also has the ability to hide any financial information if this is being viewed at work on mobile or desktop as this information is sensitive and might want to be discussed.

Equity portfolio

The equity package and share value plan were the most undervalued part of the current benefits package due to the complexity of the portfolio format. We helped improve the transparency of this area by giving an estimated total worth and further breakdowns of their plan. This can now be checked on a daily, weekly basis for employees to checked efficiently.

Bonus calculator

Each employee was within their own level which is shown by a certain letter, we wanted to allow users to access what their future bonus structure could look like to ensure motivation to stay on and keep hitting their targets continued. Creating a bonus calculator that shows each level of progression and how your bonus structure changes, allowing ambitious employees to project their future on track bonuses.


Collaborative Workshops


User journeys



Main takeaways

It was a constant challenge to simplify the benefits package in a way that had not been attempted previously, due to the size of the organisation even the changing language and formats were meet with hesitation. We created a solution that delivered on the brief of creating one clear area within BP HR for users to understand their benefits in single user journey. 

• User testing should of been incorporated within the SOW in order to validate our direction and remove stakeholder bias

• Further user research completed into what employees actually want within their benefits package instead of feedback on what they have, there maybe quick wins for employees to increase retention that would not cost the business, a complete competitor audit would be recommended