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Creating a seamless, engaging digital employee experience that connects everyone, everywhere.


The current global experience for BP Employees when reviewing their rewards package contains lengthy documentation across multiple areas. Employees are also not currently aware of what they are actually entitled to.

At present, the user experience is fragmented and there is a lack of mobile consideration. A new world total rewards prototype was designed and validated with users to showcase to the business for further stakeholder buy-in to move forward to the build phase.


- Workshop Facilitation 

- UX / UI Design

- Prototyping


3 months

The challenge

The challenge here was to truly understand BP's complex ecosystem of rewards that were available to employees in the time that we had, whilst conducting further research with employees to understand about their current thoughts on the offering.

- New employees do not understand the current value of their rewards package due to complex equity

  options that are given to each employee with little explanation

- To combine base pay, bonuses, allowances and equity into one model that clearly represented a sense of

  full value to the employee

- To show the career progression and opportunity available within BP to increase overall retention of employees 

- To be able to push for employee transparency, empower them to want to work towards further rewards by 

   being clear on what is available

Current Platform

The current platform is heavily desktop focused, it's clear to see how employees are not engaging with the rewards area as much as they could based on usage analytics. With countless downloadable documents to understand the full detail, it can be time consuming just to find high level information that users are looking for. An initial UX audit was conducted to deep dive into the focus areas to discover any core usability issues.





Research Insights

BP had conducted a high volume of employee interviews to produce some interesting findings however they were heavily focused on the current platform and how they could improve it. Rather than asking employees what they really want to have within their benefits and rewards package. 

We conducted a user survey and individual interviews with a range of employees from differing disciplines and levels of experience within the business.



Design Exploration

Pushing the look and feel to the BP brand and how that could be reformed with the rewards platform, seeing how we could transform what is currently a heavily content based site into a delightful user experience. Which services a variety of use cases from overviews to finding the detailed numbers in an efficient and intuitive manor.


User Validation

We conducted usability testing with with our core UX prototype to gain initial insight from the BP community. UX metrics were recorded to measure satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency, these benchmarks were compared against initial user feedback from the current product to show the improvements that had been made through the quantitate data. The tasks that were tested included locating their equity breakdown, to successfully use their bonus calculator and to find more information on a selected benefit.

  •  Reduction in average time taken to locate their equity portfolio breakdown by 42%

  •  Increase in average user satisfaction from 3.1/5 to 4.4/5

  •  Overall average task success rate to complete the bonus calculator journey increased from 50% to 90% 

Mobile first

The research showed that 76% of users would prefer to access their rewards area on a mobile device, its something they would check in with on a weekly and monthly basis. Looking closely at data around active users, session length and individual feature usage. It was essential to take a mobile first approach to ensure this complex content could be presented in a clear consumable way. The card based modular framework transformed seamlessly to desktop, a benefit of using consistent UX patterns.

Router Mac.jpg

BP Total Rewards

Dashboard & Content Privacy

Giving users one clear visual proportional representation of their portfolio, over the four main areas. Only a single interaction is needed to deep dive into each category.


The user also has the ability to hide any financial information if this is being viewed at work as this information can be sensitive, this in turn encourages employees to share queries with colleagues and managers without becoming uncomfortable with exposing personal data.


Equity portfolio

The equity package and share value plan were the most undervalued part of the current benefits package due to the complexity of the portfolio format.


We helped improve the transparency of this area by giving an estimated total worth and further breakdowns of their plan. This can now be checked efficiently on a regular basis, so employees can stay up to date.

Bonus Calculator.jpg

Bonus calculator

Each employee is categorised at a salary level that receives a certain bonus amount, there is a lack of clarity of what is available at the next level up. 


We created a bonus calculator that showcases with career progression at BP, how your bonus structure changes. This allows ambitious employees to gain an insight into what they are working towards for their future on track bonuses.


We found that new and long term employees weren't aware of the current benefits that they were available to them. Building a main heading area into the rewards platform was a clear win to help educate the community on what was available. These covered offers/discounts, car plans, work from home equipment and even free access to saving advisors.


Main takeaways

It was a constant challenge to simplify the rewards portfolio in a way that had not been attempted previously, due to the size of the organisation we had to be careful not to suggest too much change. By reformatting and crafting an intuitive and instructive site, employees can now build a better relationship with BP.

• To ensure the implementation of the new world rewards portfolio is supported by other areas of the business and previous duplicated documentation can be removed from other BP tools to give users confidence there was only one place to go for their rewards needs

• Further user research should be conducted in order to unveil what version two of the rewards portfolio can offer them, new benefits that help keep employees satisfied and BP competitive

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